Upcoming Recitals

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Past Recitals:

Fri April 26th  Bullfrog Brewery, Wmspt PA 10:00p. w/ Key of V / The Antique Babies

Sat. April 27th  Brews n’ Bytes, Danville PA 7:00p. w/ Key of V

Sat. Mar. 02 Bullfrog Brewery, Wmspt. PA, 10:00p w/ The Wilhelm Brothers

Fri. Feb. 22 Cherry Alley Cafe, Lewisburg PA, 07:00p w/ Quietrise

Sat. Feb. 09 (Mardi Gras) Bullfrog Brewery, Wmspt PA 8:00p.

Sat. Nov. 15 The Brickyard, Wmspt PA 8:00p. w/ Ten Cent Days

Sat. Oct. 20 Brews n’ Bytes, Danville PA 7:00p.

Fri. Aug. 24 The Seventh St. Cafe, Lewisburg PA 7:00p.